Quote of the day

Remember the trader on the BBC who was widely mocked and criticised for talking about “profiting from the crisis”? Well, he also claimed the Goldman Sachs ruled the world, much to the bemusement of the BBC interviewer.

Well, today, from Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? So America has a President Goldman Sachs, Italy has a Prime Minister Goldman Sachs, and the European Central Bank will now be headed by a former Goldman Sachs banker.

I wonder which is the next country that will be run by someone connected to Goldman Sachs…


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5 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. What I find equally disturbing is that we now have Prime Minister/President “Merkozy” in charge of the ECB, Ireland, Spain, Greece and Italy …

  2. andyfrith2 says:

    Indeed, when companies get into too much debt we don’t tend to get too worried about the creditors taking over – when countries get taken over by their creditors it’s another matter. Of course, the blame for that really lies with the politicians (and to a degree the people as well) of the highly indebted countries.

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