We live in “grammar-straining times”

Brian Micklethwait over at Samizdata has a funny post regarding the views on the economic crisis – explaining that there are at least 3 views on the subject, and having to apologise for his grammar in considering alliances between them:

Like all such glib divisions of reality into this, this, and this, this is an oversimplification. Many swither from one camp to another, and quite a few, I surmise, find themselves in all three camps in one day, depending only on their mood and on the last thing they read. Those who do know which camp they’re in still swither about which of the other two is more stupid and more evil, and therefore how to handle the other two. Try to smash them both? Or join with the less worst to smash the most worst, and then win the victorious coalition spat with the less worst? But if the latter, which is the less worst and which the most worst? Or maybe combine with the most worst against the less worst, because that might work better? Pardon my grammar but these are grammar-straining times.

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