New Year linkathon

One of my favourite films is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. (If I had choose I’d pick The Return of the King, despite it having about 10 endings). I tried reading the book but it was just too much effort. I know the book is nearly always better, but I don’t foresee trying to re-read it any time soon. One of the key themes of the book is the danger of Power, those seeking it, and it’s corrupting effects. Tolkien apparently lent towards libertarianism, which was news to me – certainly gives a new angle to look at his work from.

I’m no fan of the IMF (being a creation of governments and funded by taxation – hardly the epitome of free markets) but this is remarkable for it’s comedy value alone.

William Anderson demolishes Paul Krugman again – on the notion that “we owe the debt to ourselves”. How someone can both win a Nobel Prize and spout this nonsense I have no idea. Even if all government debt was held within the country, it is still a transfer of wealth from the group that is taxed to the group holding government bonds, and the recipients of the debt-funded spending. If you’re the former, it’s no comfort if they happen to be your countrymen.

The Devil’s Kitchen continues his attack on the “massively forehead twat” who has now finally “shown his true colours”. The Who really had it right – meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

And finally, Natalie Solent restates one of the key reasons why political diversity – as opposed to the integration and harmonisation we see in the EU – is so important. For me, it boils to down to “how do we know what works?” And we can’t tell what works if we don’t have alternatives to look to.

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