Orwellian truths from Big Brother

Longrider sums up the latest set of made up statistics regarding drinking problems:

If you drown, it counts as 0.34 of an alcohol-related admission – though most people unlucky enough to drown aren’t admitted to hospital. Getting chilled to the bone (accidental excessive cold) counts for 0.25 of an admission, intentional self-harm to 0.20 per cent of an admission.

Yes, that’s right, you could be teetotal yet upon admission to hospital, your case is given a percentage towards alcohol related ailments. In other words, for those who prefer plain speaking, the whole thing is a lie.

Of course, this being the BBC, a reputable and reliable purveyor of truth and honesty, such as one would expect from an impartial national state funded broadcaster, this lie will be exposed further down the article, won’t it?

Any connection between this nonsense and the move towards a minimum price for alcohol is completely coincidental. Anyhow, since alcohol consumption has been declining for a decade, what’s the fuss?

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