The failings of the dead tree press

It seems our beloved mainstream media can’t decide whether to ignore the EU dimension in British politics, or instead to invent an EU dimension when one doesn’t exist.

Richard North, never to have spoken a kind word about the fourth estate, sums up the BBC reporting on the breast implant “scandal” as follows,

So the culture of denial continues where, strangely, those who are the most avid supporters of the EU seem to be those who are also keenest to deny its involvement in so many aspects of our lives.

while reserving these words for the Mail and Telegraph who don’t understand the Basel accords on banking:

In this context, to blame the EU for the result is, to say the very least, otiose. But that is what the media does when it suits it. Possibly, the real reason though is that, like our own MPs and so many others, they no longer have a very clear idea of how we are governed or who actually governs us.

As is so frequently the case, relying solely on the “uniquely funded” BBC and the dead tree press for our news isn’t a good idea. Every day I read blog posts that are better researched and better sourced than many broadsheet articles. The democratization of our media is surely going to continue. Whether the established players have realised this is another matter.

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