Less regulation, not more, is the answer to media and political corruption

The findings of the Leveson Enquiry are making for uncomfortable reading for both the current Tory government, and it’s Labour predecessor. But how do we stop the media from having an undue influence on ministers and policies?

As eloquently argued over at the ASI blog, the solution lies in taking power away from politicians and bureaucrats, not in creating new laws or quangos. One of the main reason that News International kept lobbying the UK government was to influence their decision on the takeover of BSkyB. If the government had no say in this, there would have been much less of a reason for News Int. to lobby the government in the first place.

Of course, many on the Left are using this mess to attempt to reduce the influence of News Int and Murdoch on the UK media landscape, and on the political dialogue here. But such a goal is diametrically opposed to the concept of a free media. The BBC has a much greater monopoly on broadcast media than BSkyB, and yet the Left are silent. Be honest – it has nothing to do with monopoly or corruption – it’s about silencing opposing voices.

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