I’m a software tester working in London, with a keen interest in economics and politics. Over the years, I’ve come to strongly identify as a libertarian and have discovered the harmful role of central banks in our economy and society. Some have argued for reform, I see no option but to abolish the Bank of England. It doesn’t quite have the same ring as “End the Fed”, but it’ll have to do 🙂

Why are central banks harmful? Well, according to the Austrian school of economics, they are the prime cause of inflation, cause business cycles (booms and busts), transfer wealth from the poor to the rich, encourage debt over savings and prudence, and are effectively a legalised counterfeiter.

That’s quite a charge and I’m only a layman, but I’ll be drawing on the works of eminent scholars and thinkers to make my case. Abolishing the Bank is radical, but I believe there is no other way to allow real economic growth, protect savings and pensions, and defend ourselves against the banking and government elite.