Keynes vs Hayek Rap Videos

These are a couple of awesome videos showing two past economic giants debating in a rap… not the sort of thing you normally associate with economics 🙂 The guys at EconStories who made these deserve a big round of applause for making an often dry subject exciting. If you can follow it, Hayek (especially in the first vid) nicely explains some of the themes of this blog.


There’s a ton of great info out on the web, especially at the Mises Institute, where many books can be downloaded for free (or purchased in their store if you insist on dead-tree versions)

Those most relevant to central banking:

Honest Money, Gary North [PDF/ePub]. A look at the role of central banks and inflation from a Biblical Perspective.

What has Government Done to our Money?, Murray N. Rothbard. [PDF/ePub]. A great overview of how money works in a free market, and how governments have consistently debased currencies, leading to all sorts of problems.

The Case Against the Fed, Murray N. Rothbard [PDF/ePub]. Arguing for the end of the Federal Reserve, the US central bank.

A couple providing a good overview of Austrian economics:

Lessons for the Young Economist, Robert P. Murphy [PDF/ePub]. A great introduction to economics without getting too technical.

Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt [PDF, 1.3MB]. A classic work that takes an all-too-common fallacy, that of the broken window, and applies it to numerous economic issues, like protectionism, minimum wage laws and goverment spending.

5 Responses to Resources

  1. Philip Holton says:


    Fantastic blog. Would you be interested in building a campaign?

    Someone has to and Ron Paul won’t respond to my emails..


    • andyfrith2 says:

      Hi Philip,

      As you have probably noticed my posts on this blog have dwindled recently, it’s quite time consuming to keep adding more content!

      However I’m always interested in ways to raise awareness of the ideas expressed here – what did you have in mind?


      • Philip Holton says:

        Hi Andy,

        Your picture seemed familiar.. we have a mutual friend! I’ve asked Ben to give you my email, maybe the best thing to do is to start where all good ideas begin: in the pub?


  2. Ted says:

    Hi Andy & Philip,
    Did this campaign ever get off the ground? If so, I’m interested in contributing.


    • Andy Frith says:

      Hi Ted,

      We are still working to get the campaign going – we would very much appreciate your assistance!

      I’ll get in touch via email with more info.


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